Natural disasters have always been a part of Canada's history. Among these, floods were the most frequent and the cause of the most important damages. In Canada, the two most recent floods of importance were the ones affecting the Saguenay, in July of 1996, and those in the province of Manitoba in April 1997. In order to better understand the facts and consequences of these two recent Canadian floods, the Musée du Fjord in the La Baie district of Saguenay, in collaboration with the Blue Nose II and the department of National Heritage Canada have decided to produce a virtual exhibition presenting these two significant events.
While navigating through this interactive web site, you'll be able to see for yourself the extent of these two natural disasters and understand that these events, although hard to live through, had positive and negative repercussions on the disaster stricken population.

Have a great virtual visit in the exhibition :
Floods in Canada / When Mother Nature "leaves its bed".