The floods in Manitoba

Despite all of the efforts to harness the waters, some landowners will unfortunately see their residences flooded.

The 1997 flood caused major damages all over the Red River valley. This inundation caused vast destruction to the farmland, the communities and private properties, entailing to enormous economic and social consequences. Three human lives were unfortunately lost.

To the south of Winnipeg, the flood hit almost the two thirds of the Red River valley. 28 000 Manitobans of which 6 000 from Winnipeg, had to be evacuated from their homes. Without the protective structures like the diversion canal and the dykes built around Winnipeg, it is estimated that 80% of the city would have been flooded, thus requiring the evacuation of over 550 000 people.

The flood of 1997 covered around 5% of Manitoba's cultivated land. Losses brought on to dairy farms are estimated at 2 million dollars. Over 2 000 cows, pork and moutons as well as 45 000 laying hens had to be temporarily relocated.

The flood of the century entailed in costs of over 800 million dollars. The damaged mainly hit homes, ensiled cereals contaminated by the floodwater, hay stacks, machinery and roads.

The extent of the 1997 flood damages is such that despite all the preventive and protective measures put in place, in the month of February 1998, that is almost one year after the event, 99 families still had not reintegrated their homes.