The floods in Saguenay

Photo : Jean Birand

In the Laterrière area, the heaviest damage was sustained on the banks of the Chicoutimi River, where a good quantity of permanent residences are located. When the Portage-des-Roches dam floodgates were opened to let the Kenogami reservoir's surplus water flow out, it all gushed down into the Chicoutimi River. The riverbanks were completely eroded and because of their location in the river's new bed, most of the homes were flooded.

The Chicoutimi River swelled up to such degree that some houses located at over fifty meters from the riverbanks were almost flooded. Works to stabilise the shores were quickly started up in order to prevent other residences from being carried away by the water. Over 40 000 metric tons of stone were needed for this project.

The Portage-des-Roches dam
Photo : Pierrette Bernier

The Portage-des-Roches dam closes up the Kenogami barrier lake, 125 metres in altitude over the Chicoutimi district. This construction holds in 380 million-sq. metres of water, which is 150 times more than what is held in the Daniel-Johnson dam in the Manic 5 reservoir.
The sheer force of the water and the accumulation of building debris were a breakage menace to the Portage-des-Roches bridge crossing over the Chicoutimi River in the Laterrière sector.

Houses on Saint-Pierre road
Photo : Jean Briand
Many of the houses on Saint-Pierre road found themselves surrounded with water. Some houses were even cut in half because of the force of the current.