L'Origo : A mobile genealogy app!

L'Origo : A mobile genealogy app!

Virtual exhibition

In May 2017, Musée du Fjord launched a mobile application and website where users can interact with genealogy. In L’Origo, the origins and history of Quebecers are revealed as you make your way through BALSAC's myriad branches. Retrace Quebec’s French-Canadian genealogies from recent years to the first European settlements in New France via this vast population database.

The player must collect a maximum amount of data and knowledge through a "match 3" game inspired by Candy Crush Saga. The player’s hard work helps BALSAC grow, gradually revealing the “fruit” that this prolific tree produces. The player will unearth tidbits of information related to their own last name!

Give it a try, and have fun!

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