2023–2024 Educational Program From preschool to secondary school

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The Musée du Fjord moves science to all school, educational and community institutions in order to animate workshops on the discovery of the Fjord, history, insects and even mammals!

Here are some of the workshops offered:

  • Touch the stars!

    Touch living specimens and discover the Fjord's most popular animal species. At the end of the animation, your students will be able to recognize and differentiate many species of saltwater fishes and invertebrates, such as the Atlantic cod, Atlantic wolffish, Polar Sea star, Spider crab and the mysterious Scarlet psolus.

  • What's a mammal?

    How do we differentiate it from the bird, reptile, or insect? What do the words marsupial, rodent, carnivorous and cetacean mean? With the help of furs, skulls and naturalized animals, students will discover the major classifications of mammals.

  • All-terrain bugs

    With the help of a giant multiple adaptations bug, discover the incredible diversity of insects! In teams, the participants will have the mission to reconstitute an insect adapted to its environment. After studying the collection of naturalized insects and manipulating a living insect, bugs won't have any more secrets!

  • The time machine

    Imagine a time machine that transports you to a 1900s-era house. A game of investigation and riddles follows in order to discover the purpose of all these strange yet so familiar objects. What were the rules of good conduct?  What was everyone's role in household activities? In this historical-flavored animation, we go back in time to spend a moment in the daily life of people at the beginning of the last century.

  • The N formula

    What do cardboard cars and space rockets have in common? Answer: their air pressure serves machines that travel a surprising distance! Here, we simulate a mountain range, and the participants have to build from scratch the engine as well as their own compressed air car frame. Once the car is ready, we get down to business and… we race!

Classroom animations include an interactive introduction, an educational game taking form in different ways and manipulating natural artifacts in relation to the chosen theme.

The Musée du Fjord renews itself!

For several years, the Musée du Fjord's team has been developing and enriching animations that are adapted to the needs of teachers and are attractive to the students. The collections and exhibits of the museum are brought forth to stir up youth's curiosity for science as well as regional and natural heritage. At the Musée du Fjord, we learn while having fun!

We are excited to welcome and visit you!

Véronique Gagné
Director of mediation, citizen action and public services


Aquarium of the Fjord

Discover the fishes and invertebrates of the Saguenay Fjord! A whole underwater world opens up to you!

Travel to the heart of the Saguenay Fjord

Live a sensational scientific and technological adventure aboard the Navis thanks to stunning images of the formation, evolution, and biodiversity of the Saguenay Fjord.

Multimedia show offered in German, English, Spanish and Italian for students registered in a language program.

Alive like a bug!


The universe of insects, arachnids, amphibians, and crustaceans won't have any more secrets! Tree frog or toad? Dragonfly or damselfly? Grasshopper, cricket, or locust? The bravest ones will even have the possibility of touching some specimens…

Roots and Dreams: A new look on Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

Regional history is told to students from scientific data originating from the BALSAC files of the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. Numbers meet science to introduce great events and key players under different lighting. Virtual experiences, life stories, videos, role plays, and ancient objects will fascinate all budding historians!

Exterior excursions

Follow our passionate guides, put on your scientific boots and participate with your students in one of our scientific or historical excursions to feel the Fjord live underneath your feet, and to see it reveal itself before your eyes! * Activity offered depending on weather conditions and tides

Duration : 75 minutes

Saved from the waters


In teams of 4 to 6, high school students are invited to complete this challenge made of enigmas and discoveries of the natural and built heritage of the sector. This rally-style invasion game allows students to compete with other classes and other schools for the best time!

Duration : 120 minutes

Teleconference activities

If physically visiting the museum is impossible, our mediation team now offers many remote conferences concerning various topics. One of them will certainly correspond to your pedagogical objectives!

  • With the Fjord Aquarium, discover the specimens in the Museum's tactile basin to learn more about the mysterious inhabitants of the Saguenay Fjord depths! Starfish, green sea urchins, spider crabs and other strange invertebrates take centre stage in this fascinating interactive activity.
  • What's a Fjord? takes you on an epic journey dating back more than 100 million years unravelling the secrets of the Saguenay Fjord. What is the difference between a fjord and a river? Is it true that there are sharks in the fjord? What lies at the bottom? We will answer all your questions about this majestic waterway!
  • A Pool Full of Fish takes you on an unprecedented visit behind the Museum's aquarium to discover its reverse side. Chat with our aquarist, discover our quarantine aquariums and learn how the biological and mechanical filtration of this tank works like no other.
  • Funny Critters! features specimens from the Museum's vivarium. Learn about the amphibians, crustaceans, insects, and reptiles that inhabit it, as well as witnessing their daily meals. 
  • Roots and Dreams tells the story of the Saguenay—Lac-Saint-Jean region from the period before the arrival of the first settlers until today. From great natural disasters to the industrial epics of Price, Dubuc and others, you will learn how the milestones of our Saguenay history still influence its inhabitants today.
  • Like a Fish in Water! deals with the latest discoveries affecting our marine friends. Funny facts (Does a fish fart?) and scientific anecdotes will make you see your goldfish in a new light!
  • Eternity: Human Dream and Realities of Science explores technological and scientific advances intended to push ever further the limits of life and death. Is man a machine whose faulty parts will one day be replaced? Maybe! 
  • Antlers: Caribous and Other Deer to discover the emblems of Canadian wildlife. Deer have always been part of history and ecology.
    In this activity, we explore their biology, their role in the ecosystem and the dangers that threaten them.
  • From Toumaï to Sapiens: Race to Human will take you on a fascinating journey through prehistory. Who were the first humans? How did they live? Take advantage of the latest research in paleoanthropology and travel back in time to our most ancient ancestors!
  • The Invaders Are Here! is not about aliens or war for a territory, but about plants, animals, land or marine species which have been introduced at the expense of local species. Whether they live in water, on land or in the air, they are a real nuisance! Take a good look around: invasive species are everywhere!

Special activities

Mad about science festival presented by Hydro-Québec

FREE activity in May
Since 2010, our annual event is an indispensable meeting with science and technology. Because the festival had to reinvent itself, keep track of our social media to know our upcoming program!

Other nearby activities:

  • Ice fishing
  • Ha! Ha! Pyramid!
  • Glass blowing and fine stone cutting Économusée®
  • The Air Defence Museum

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Dining room FREE
During your activity, you will have access, without any extra charges, to a dining room (you must inform us beforehand) and to a cloakroom for storing backpacks, lunch bags and coats.

Financial aid program La culture à l'école You may check with the Quebec government about your eligibility for financial aid with La culture à l'école program which grants financial aid for the expenses linked to the museum's participation in educational activities. For more information, visit the website




Guided visit of the Museum

Preschool: $5.25
Primary and secondary: $7.35

180 minutes

Shore excursion (bring rubber boots)

Included in the museum tour

90 minutes

"Saved from the Waters" invasion game

$250.00 per group

120 minutes

Activities in schools

250,00 $/ 1 class
475,00 $/ 2 classes
625,00 $/ 3 classes

75 minutes

Teleconferenced Activities

$75.00 per activity

60 minutes

The Musée du Fjord is subsidized in functions by the ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec by Ville de Saguenay and by the ministère du Patrimoine canadien.