Fantastic sea monsters

Fantastic sea monsters

Traveling exhibition

Tour this virtual exhibition to better understand the surprising behaviours of some marine species, which have sparked many of our legends…

Formidable, phantasmagoric creatures or truly surprising animals, ocean, lake, and river “monsters” have always fascinated human.

Even in the earliest writings, like the Bible, the giantfish that swallowed Jonas and the terrible Leviathan that terrorized sailorsfrd the imagination of people on land.

For a long time, sailors where persuaded that the ocean, the Devil’s lair, harboured horrifying beasts, which destroyed ships and craved human blood: krakens, sirens, whales, sea snakes, giant sharks…

At a time when natural sciences were just beginning to emerge, the naturalists of antiquity, and then those of the Renaissance, were awed by these gigantic, frightening, and strange animals. Century after century, myth, mystification, and reality regarding these beasts became intertwined, and thus further titillated people’s interest and curiosity.

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