Travelling and virtual exhibition

Amazing! All Intelligent!

Traveling exhibition

Temporary exhibit presented from June 7th 2022 to January 15th 2023

From animal cognition to artificial intelligence, passing by human and plant intelligence, we now know, thanks to scientific research that there exists not only ONE but MANY intelligences. And that they are not only reserved to humans. In between interactive games, experiences, pictures, 3D impressions, interviews and films, this entertaining exhibit, presented with numerous surprises and discoveries on species, shows us that we still have a lot to learn.

Browns, Whites, Blacks… The Bears of Canada

Traveling exhibition

Presented at Musée du Fjord from June 24, 2021, to May 18, 2022.

The exhibition invites you to discover these mythical animals of the Canadian fauna. Historically, bears have been feared, hunted, and sometimes mythologized. They occupy a prominent place in the culture of the First Nations. This original and entertaining exhibition goes beyond the clichés of the teddy bear or the bloodthirsty monster.

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Panache: Caribou and other Cervids of Canada

Traveling exhibition

For rent itinerary exhibition

As emblems of the boreal forest, cervids have been part of Canada’s natural heritage and ecology since time immemorial. Moose, caribou, elk and deer are intrinsically linked the history of our country. These animals still represent an indisputable living cultural heritage for Indigenous people. [...]

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Like a fish in water!

Traveling exhibition

Presented from June 2018 to January 2019

Like a Fish in Water invites visitors into a fun marine environment. The path is filled with striking photographs, games for the entire family, an immersive zone revealing breathtaking images by filmmaker Alexandre Ruffin, educational videos, fun questions and common expressions.

Fantastic sea monsters

Traveling exhibition

Tour this virtual exhibition to better understand the surprising behaviours of some marine species, which have sparked many of our legends… [...]

L'Origo : A mobile genealogy app!

Travelling and virtual exhibition

In May 2017, Musée du Fjord launched a mobile application and website where users can interact with genealogy. In L’Origo, the origins and history of Quebecers are revealed as you make your way through BALSAC's myriad branches. [...]

Saguenay: An exceptional Fjord!

Virtual exhibition

The purpose of this site is to allow the public to discover and appreciate the natural miracle of the Saguenay Fjord. We also wish to provide clear, accessible and serious information about the most significant aspects of its environment and its history. [...]

Floods in Canada. When mother nature « leaves her bed»

Virtual exhibition

Travel back to the 1996 Saguenay and 1997 Manitoba floods. Through its comparative approach and interactive nature, this exhibition helps visitors to better comprehend the scope and mechanisms of these two considerable natural catastrophes, while focusing on their environmental impacts. The exhibition comes with two downloadable educational activities. [...]